Todd Burpo’s Heaven is for Real . . .

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo | LibraryThing

Burpo, T., & Vincent, L. (2010). Heaven is for real: A little boy’s astounding story of his trip to heaven and back. Nashville, Tenn: Thomas Nelson. 9780849946158

Here’s yet another book that patrons continuously request. My mom placed a hold on one of


 copies and it finally arrived. She read it in an afternoon. It took me a few more days but I would’ve done the same if I hadn’t needed to work and sleep. 🙂 As it’s nonfiction, the book is also another entry for the

2011 Non-Fiction Challenge

 . Pastor Todd Burpo collaborated with writer to Lynn Vincent

(Going Rogue)

to write the account. The Burpos live in a small town in the Western Nebraska. In 2002 – 2003, numerous medical maladies befell Todd and then Colton. At this time, the nearly four-year old Colton grew ill. Nobody realized it was due to his ruptured appendix.

Colton miraculously survived the emergency surgery. Months later, Colton started talking about how he had been to Heaven. While there, Colton saw Jesus, John the Baptist, various members of the Burpo family, and many others. Three-year old Colton told his family things that he couldn’t possibly have known – the Christian faith, a great-grandfather who died long before Colton’s birth, and all the beautiful colors described in the Book of Revelation.  

This was a quick and excellent book. The straightforward, unsanguine style used in this nonfiction made for an easy read. Colton described his experience and used such impressive detail that it blew away his parents. He discussed the Trinity and how much Jesus loves children. References to the Bible occur throughout the book. Some may come away from the book with a belief in the Age of Accountability.  

I’m proud to say I only cried once while reading the book and that was toward the end. If you want to read a spoiler, highlight the following: Little Colton encountered various animals while in Heaven. Since I lost my seventeen year old cat Cassidy in January 2011, I look forward to seeing him again.

Also, I think the book offers hope to those who have lost loved ones. Undoubtedly, the people involved were Christian. This was not in the least Universalism. Also, the book was – well, real, rather than maudlin.

Four Out of Five Pearls

Places: Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, Heaven

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– Written by Jorie @ Jorie’s Reads

9 thoughts on “Todd Burpo’s Heaven is for Real . . .

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  2. I really enjoyed the book.

    But I don’t think that it is true !

    First the picture of Jesus was just like all the other pictures I’ve seen, accept with
    shorter hair and Green eyes, and we all know that picture is not correct, in fact
    only description I’ve read about Jesus was in Revelation.

    In fact everyone in Heaven was white! So everyone look just the people, from around his

    I believe in Heaven and in Jesus…. but I don’t believe this story!

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