Top Ten Most OCD Bookish Habits


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I prefer
  1. … reading books in the order the author wrote them.
  2. … not to read smelly books.
  3. … reading books in a series in series order, no skipping around, please.
  4. … not reading abridged books.
  5. … reading made up stories (fiction).
  6. … not reading overly descriptive books (give my imagination a chance to fill in the blanks)
  7. … reading material written in the past-tense (“He ran for his health” rather than “He runs for his health.”) 
  8. … not reading audiobooks with narrators who narrate in funky voices.
  9. … reading material where the author states that a character asked rather than said a question
  10. … not reading material where the author says an object “sits” and/or a person “sets.”