Banned Spreadsheets? | 1001 Books Enthusiasts Unite!

Allow the 1001 Apps and Spreadsheets! | Arukiyomi

A favorite challenge of mine has been the 1001 Before You Die series. This includes books. Thanks to a friend, I’ve been hooked since 2007. I rolled with the punches in 2008 and 2010 when these sadists decided to change up the lists, too.

Through it all, though, Arukiyomi has created and maintained phenomenal spreadsheets which have helped others and me to keep up with 1001 Books… His charts tell of new books added and old books dropped, how long it’ll take for someone to accomplish such a feat, and many other things. A donation via PayPal allowed a user more bells and whistles.

The other day, Arukiyomi sent out a plea for help because the publishers of the 1001 Before You Die series have asked him to remove the spreadsheet from sale saying that due to a breach of their copyright and damage to their sales. In addition, the publishers say that the apps he released violate. So, he had to remove the apps from sale as well.

So, how can you help?

  • Please sign the petition online at
  • add your own message showing your support when you sign. This will really make an impact. I intend to send the publishers a link to the petition so they can see for themselves the demand that’s out there once I get a good body of signatures.
  • repost the link to your blog, Facebook or other forums you’re part of