Denise Rinaldo’s Julius Caesar: Dictator (A Wicked History)

Julius Caesar: Dictator for Life (Wicked History) by Denise Rinaldo | LibraryThing

Rinaldo, D. (2010). Julius Caesar: Dictator for life. New York: Franklin Watts. 9780531212769

Reasons for Reading After I finished the Cleopatra biography, I wanted to know a little more about Julius Caesar. Yet, I didn’t want to read a 400 page book about him. That’s when I remembered the Wicked History Series. I checked out a copy from HCPL.

Summary Back in 100 BC, Rome existed as a democratic republic. Some consider this one of first democracies. Yet, Rome faced trouble – slave revolts, corrupt politicians, military coups, etc.

Rising from the Roman ashes, Julius Caesar eases the chaos. He ruthlessly attacked all who opposed him; including old allies. After winning the civil war, Caesar declared himself supreme ruler. The Republic ended with him. Not everyone liked that.

What I Liked This series of books delivers the facts in a concise, informative way. I appreciated learning the facts of Julius Caesar and his world without being bogged down in too many details.

What I Disliked Just one thing – I wished for more on Cleopatra.

Four Out of Five Pearls


We should all be

very afraid. He is surely

making himself into a tyrant.

– Roman orator Cicero, on Caesar, 59 B.C.

Song: Tears For Fears – “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” – ORIGINAL VIDEO – YouTube

Setting: Ancient Rome, the Near East, Europe

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