Seeing the Story – One for the Money

Jorie's Store - One For the Money | Amazon Heigl, K., O’Mara, J., Sunjata, D., Leguizamo, J., Shepherd, S., Reynolds, D.,  Rosenberg, T., … Abishag Productions. (2012). One for the money. Santa Monica, Calif: Lions Gate Home Entertainment.

Reasons for Watching: After reading several of the Stephanie Plum books, other fans and I long anticipated an adaptation to film adaptation of One for the Money. We wanted to see these kooky characters and events brought to life. Finally, the requested copy via HCPL arrived at our neighborhood library branch.

Summary : Tough New Jersey native Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) looks to have hit rock bottom; she’sdivorced, jobless, and not making rent. Stephanie’s family tells her that her pervy cousin Vinny needs help in his bail bonds office. When she inquires, though, Vinny needs a bond enforcement agent (BEA) – a bounty hunter. That’s where she learns about Joe Morelli (Jason O’Mara) has jumped bail. Morelli and Stephanie were, well, previously amorous, and now Stephanie holds a grudge. So, she becomes a BEA and hunts down Morelli with the help of mentor called Ranger (Daniel Sunjata), a prostitute named Lula (Sherri Shepherd), and her crazy family to get the true bad guys.

Book to Movie Adaptation : Since the last time I read One for the Money was nearly five years ago, I’ll only remark on the actors selected. First, I felt the movie was cleaner than the books and that goes for the characters, especially. Second, I thought Heigl and O’Mara were good. Shepherd would’ve been great had it not been for keeping the film’s PG-13 rating. Third, I had really wanted the late Estelle Getty for the role of that senile Grandma Mazur and thought Debbie Reynolds was all wet.

Review : As I mentioned, maybe I should’ve reread the book shortly before seeing the movie. I wasn’t totally crazy about the portrayals. The bottom line, though, I would tune in for another movie – Two for the Dough – Julie Anne Robinson?

Three Out of Five Pearls 

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