Richard Blackaby’s Putting a Face on Grace…

Putting a Face on Grace: Living a Life Worth Passing On by Richard Blackaby | LibraryThing


Blackaby, R. (2006). Putting a face on grace. Sisters, Or: Multnomah Publishers. 9781590524817

Reasons for Reading: My Bible study leader chose Putting a face on grace as our book. As I figured I would be reading it for more than six weeks and that I would want to highlight passages, I purchased two copies of the book (one was for my mom) using my Amazon Prime account.

Summary: Richard Blackaby, son Henry Blackaby (Experiencing God) recognizes that grace is something God extends us.  Yet, Blackaby challenges us to be givers as well as recipients of grace. He wants the Lord’s undeserved favor to flow through us. According to Blackaby, when grace is extended by the saved, this serves as great witness. Great witness leads to further salvation and, thus, putting a face on grace.

What I Liked This book offered numerous anecdotes about those full of His grace and, well, the otherwise. Blackaby even shares situations where he wasn’t so gracious. I found these instances completely understandable and could see how to do better in the future.

What I Disliked This isn’t really a complaint about the book. Our group took around seven months to finish it. The book lost some of its impact due to this. It lost the freshness of a recent reading. I may reread this book when I have fewer items on my TBR list.

Four Out of Five Pearls

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5 thoughts on “Richard Blackaby’s Putting a Face on Grace…

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  2. This sounds interesting, not sure I could handle seven months to read it, I do not do well with read-a-thons but I would like the discussion aspect of reading it with a group.

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