September Reader of the Month – Laura N.

This is the ninth interview for Reader of the Month.

Laura N.

Laura N. is the person I’ve known the longest! That’s right – she’s my mom! She taught me how to read, took me to the library, and turned me onto a lifelong pursuit of good books. To this day, I go to her for book recommendations.

1.      What’s the best thing you’ve read in the past year?

Do Yourself a Favor – Forgive by Joyce Meyer and One Perfect Word by Debbie Macomber

2.      Do you have any quirks when it comes to reading?

I like to read cookbooks and little Christmas books.

3.      What’s on your bookshelf or in your book bag?

My Bible, Haven by Kay Hooper, The Timekeeper by Mitch Albom,  and The Inn at Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber.

4.      Who supplies your reading material?

The library and friends.

5.      What type of reading do you usually enjoy?

Mostly fiction, but I also enjoy reading biographies, history, books about archeological finds, and devotionals.

6.      Who are some authors that you read regardless of anything?

None. All the authors I read regularly have come up with some real clunkers from time to time.

7.      What’s on your TBR (to be read) list?

Patterns of Grace by Debbie Macomber, Delusion in Death by J.D. Robb, Shadow of Night by Deborah E. Harkness, and Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver

8.      Can you recall a book that changed your life? How so?

I’d like to say the Bible, but I don’t remember a time when it wasn’t part of my life. Glory Road by Robert A. Heinlein, it introduced me to Sci-Fi, one of my favorite genres.

9.      What was something you enjoyed reading as a child?

Black Beauty by Anna Sewell, Freckles and The Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton Porter, and  Blue Willow by Doris Gates. All of these books were written before I was born.

10.  Where do you like to read? 

Anywhere, but I prefer the temperature to be cool.

11.  Other than reading, what do you like doing? 

Spending time with my family, cooking, doing crafts, spending time near the water (rivers, lakes,ponds, on the coast or on islands).

12.  Where can we find you online?

On Facebook

13.  Would you like to make a shout out to any other avid readers that are online?

14.  What do you challenge people to read?

A genre that you normally don’t read or have never read. Particularly fiction if you only read non-fiction or non-fiction if you only read fiction.

15.   How about sharing five random facts about you?

I’m a Christian, a lefty, married to a lefty, a native Texan, and a Dallas Cowboys fan.

4 thoughts on “September Reader of the Month – Laura N.

  1. Great post and your Mom rocks for sharing her love of books. I like little Christmas books too, and holiday themed books in all genres. I have in my tbr pile, read or want almost every book she likes,wants!!

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