March 2013 Reader of the Month – Adam H.

This is the fifteenth interview for Reader of the Month.

Adam H.

Adam H.

I met Adam H. around the time he began dating my friend, his future wife, Kendal H. (See August 2012 Reader of the Month.) Kendal mentioned in her interview that Adam recommends many books she enjoyed. Adam also encouraged me to set up my own Audible account and to create Jorie’s Store on Amazon. Of course, I wanted to interview him!

1. What’s the best thing you’ve read in the past year?

The first two books in the Expanse Trilogy are as good as people say they are. I really liked 11/22/63 and Cradle to Cradle. Why Nations Fail is a really powerful book.

2.  Do you have any quirks when it comes to reading?

Some people have strong feelings about whether audiobooks count as “reading,” which is the only way I read anything long-form.

3.  What’s on your bookshelf or in your book bag?

The Gripping Hand, Heat, The Rational Optimist, The Wise Man’s Fear, and I’m slooooooowly finishing The Passage of Power by Robert Caro.

4. Who supplies your reading material?

All over the place.  Leo Laporte’s podcasts give a lot of suggestions (they wrap their ads with book recommendtions), as do Tyler Cowen and Taegan Goddard’s blogs. I’m still catching up on classic/hard sci-fi; the Sword and Laser podcast is a great source for these. Sometimes I get book suggestions from The Economist.

5.  What type of reading do you usually enjoy?

Finance, art, and technology blogs in Google Reader.

6.  Who are some authors that you read regardless of anything?

When I was young I felt that way about Stephen King, but the last two Dark Tower books were super disappointing. That said, I enjoyed 11-22-63.

7. What’s on your TBR (to be read) list?

The Big Year – Mark Obmascik

Wool – Hugh Howey

8. Can you recall a book that changed your life? How so?

No, but I’m not the most reflective person 🙂

9.   What was something you enjoyed reading as a child?

Comics. Lots and lots of comics.

10.  Where do you like to read?

While mowing the grass. We mow the lawn a lot in Florida. Roy Dotrice’s voice (he read 150+ hours of The Song of Ice and Fire series) will forever remind me of mowing my back yard.

11.  Other than reading, what do you like doing?

Working. Amateur photography. Traveling. Legos – many, many Legos.

12.  Where can we find you online?

@adamharder on twitter. Which reminds me I need to get something up on

13.  Would you like to make a shout out to any other avid readers that are online?

14.  What do you challenge people to read?

Go get Google Reader setup.  Seriously, it’s worth it.

15.   How about sharing five random facts about you?

1. I’m conducting a very slow (two years and running) ebay garage sale and I’ve successfully sold junkmail on Ebay.
2. I use an aeropress for my morning coffee, which combined with the Legos makes me both a hipster and a crackpot.

3. I’ve made my living from behind a computer all day every day for 15 years and I can’t type.

4. I was really hung-up on #3 until this January 🙂

5. Python is my favorite language.

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