APPeal – Overdrive Media Console

OverDrive Media Console

This is my very first APPeal review!

The Overdrive Media Console APP (OMC) allows users to check out eBooks and more from their local libraries. Depending on the library, I can check out up to 10 items and upload them to my various devices. Living in the Greater Houston Area, I have access to 2 eLibrary systems. I’ve used both but I lean towards HCPL as it allows me to check out up to 10 items at a time.

My favorite thing is that I’m not fined as these items check themselves in after 2 weeks.

Currently, I use OMC on my iPhone and Nook Tablet. (OMC works on a variety of devices.) With these devices, I simply connect to WiFi, log into my library account, and download content.

Technical Difficulties…

Yesterday, Jorie’s Reads suffered from browser issues. However, I was able to make progress on one of my books. I’m happy to say it’s working again, though!