Jorie’s Top Ten Blogging Confessions

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Top Ten Blogging Confessions 

  1. I turned in both Divergent and Insurgent past their due dates.
  2. Several years ago, I began reading Anna Karenina but stopped about 400 pages into the tome.
  3. I love receiving commenting visitors but often don’t reply.
  4. While I strive to read the book first, I’ve often watched TV shows before reading the books which inspired them.
  5. I haven’t finished a single Harry Potter book and most of the movies put me to sleep.
  6. The only Twilight movie I saw also put me to sleep.
  7. I didn’t make it far into The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
  8. I haven’t read any of the Twilight series, either.
  9. After hearing the film adaptation of My Sister’s Keeper ended differently from the book, I never saw the movie.
  10. I don’t like books rife with detail.

4 thoughts on “Jorie’s Top Ten Blogging Confessions

  1. If I ever saw television shows inspired by books first I don’t think I could ever go back to reading the book. This is pretty much how I am with movies as well. It’s a pretty bad habit to get into, I guess, to dismiss the source material for an easier visualized carbon copy–but it’s just so much faster for me to watch the filmed versions instead!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts

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