Comment Catch Up – 3rd Edition

Van Gogh Starry Night Drawing | Wikimedia Commons | Public Domain Mark 1.0

Van Gogh Starry Night Drawing | Wikimedia Commons | Public Domain Mark 1.0

I present the 3rd Edition of a new-ish feature which offers me the chance to respond to some of my Stellar Visitors’ remarks.

Sunday, August 03 – Jorie’s 79th Edition of The Sunday Post

KimbaCaffeinated @ the Caffeinated Book Reviewer said “6 years..impressive. I am on and love it How cool you attended the lecture, I would have enjoyed that. Hope you have an amazing week!”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “1) I love the way your site looks and recommend it to others often. Maybe I’ll move to someday. 2) The lecture was great and I hope to provide the link to a video when it’s uploaded. 3) Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014 – Top Ten Books Jorie Would Give To Readers Who Have Never Read Mysteries

Anna @ herding cats & burning soup said “Oh I love Evanovic, Robb and Grafton. Such great series :)”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “I always look forward to reading Stephanie Plum’s description of her dearly departed Grandpa Mazur. I love Robb’s world building and Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone.”

Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library said “Great list! I’ve read most of these and they’re all great. I’m pretty sure I’ve read Kay Hooper but it’s been a long time. I definitely need to revisit her! I also want to give Sandra Brown a try. Somehow I’ve never read anything by her.”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “1) I think King is underrated. While I prefer his less bloody prose, I think he’s got serious talent and I’m sure he would make an intriguing guest at the dinner table. 2) I haven’t read all of Shakespeare’s works but I’ve marveled each time I’ve studied and/or watched his plays.”

Joey via thoughts and afterthoughts said “I’m not one for many mysteries/thrillers as I get enough of those from watching it on television! I’m sure Evanovich novel is much better than the film adaptation though (now I’ll pretend I never saw it to wipe the memory away…)”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “I find I enjoy listening to mysteries on my way to work. As always, the books are better than the films! ;)”

Marissa @ Rae Gun Ramblings said “The Firm was one of the first “big books” I read. Ah the memories”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “The Firm was my first Grisham read in a decade (I read The Rainmaker when I was in college). It was scary to think that all these events were oh-so-plausible.”

Bethany DeLoof @ Books By Beth said “Love Evanovich, Grafton, and Connelly! I have a few Robb books that I haven’t picked up yet. Great list!”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “I love Evanovich’s dialogue, Grafton’s character studies, and Connelly’s breakdown of the law for laymen. Robb’s look into the future is amazing world building.”

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