TBRs – Debbie Macomber’s 16 Lighthouse Road

16 Lighthouse Road (Cedar Cove, #1)

I am almost through Season 1 of the TV adaptation of this series. While I’ve read other works by Debbie Macomber, I’ve yet to read her Cedar Cove books.


3 thoughts on “TBRs – Debbie Macomber’s 16 Lighthouse Road

  1. I also started watching the show over the summer. I had to stop because I was trying to multi-task while watching it, and I really needed to pay more attention to the plot lines. I like the show – it reminds me of Murder She Wrote (set in Cabot Cove) – only instead of being a mystery writer/murder solver, the MC is the judge and center of moral character.

    I think I might like reading the books better than watching the show, although the main cast of characters seem to be good fits.

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