Challenges for 2015

 Wow, it’s 2015! I’ve been posting a lot about resolutions. Of course, I must include some challenges! For my annual book quantity on Goodreads, I’ve challenged myself to read 52 books in 2015. This means I must read one book per week this year. I’ve not set any parameters beyond a number of books but I normally read books that are around 200 pages long. Time will tell how I’ll do with this goal.

Around the World in 80 BooksOver the years, I’ve casually participated in various reading groups on Goodreads. A recent favorite group is Around the World in 80 Books. I’ve slowly taken literary treks across the Earth. I hope to “visit” many places throughout the year.

Lastly, I’ve accepted Herding Cats & Burning Soup’s challenge “New To You 2015 Reading Challenge!” Find out more by clicking on this handy, dandy button!

2 thoughts on “Challenges for 2015

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