Do Reading Logs Help or Hinder?

Girl reading in her bed at night

The Atlantic | June 03, 2016

As a lifelong reader, I lean much on resources such as Goodreads to remind me of what books I’ve read and books I would like to read. Yet, reading this  article gave me pause. Readers, please weigh in – “Can Reading Logs Ruin Reading for Kids?”

2 thoughts on “Do Reading Logs Help or Hinder?

  1. I teach 6th grade and I say that yes, reading logs ruin young readers. They hate it. Even the brightest of my students forget to fill it out because they read for HOURS at a time, and then are penalized with a bad grade because they didn’t fill it out. Meanwhile, there are others who just write down trash and get a grade for it. I stopped requiring reading logs after my first year of teaching and instead give them a calendar for the six weeks and show them how to break down their reading in order to meet their reading goals each six weeks. They know how long and how many pages they need to read each night to finish their books. That way they have the information and cannot say “I didn’t know”. It is ultimately up to them to take the initiative. I agree with the statement about higher-achieving students: I’ve had several parents of these students express to me that their student has started disliking reading, an activity they LOVED before, because of the requirement to meet their reading goals.

    • I agree and thank you for your current approach. My child had the problem of reading but forgetting to complete the log. Luckily, the school had a program that allowed readers to read the book then take a test on the computer to assess knowledge. My child, now an adult, still reads, but not a voraciously as I do.

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