APPeal – CommonSense Media

CommonSense Media | LEAD Commission

CommonSense Media inspired the Rainbow Ratings System used on this blog. The APP itself lets concerned people see how age-appropriate books or films may be. They provide ages for various content.

The only drawback regarding CommonSense Media is that it doesn’t always have the material I seek on it. Still, this free APP is worth installing if a parent or educator is concerned about whether to let minors have certain books.


APPeal – 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die

1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die | App Shopper

So, way back in 2006 (pre-Jorie’s Reads Days) one of my bookish friends, Ryan (a Reader of the Month), introduced me to the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die. Little did he realize what a monster he created! Nonetheless, I owe this list (which updates every 2 years) some gratitude simply because it has led me to some on my favorite books.

When attempting this huge TBR list, one MUST MUST MUST check out Arukiyomi’s site. Thanks to Arukiyomi, I’ve been able to download spreadsheets and now there’s an APP. While this APP costs $4.99 in the US, I’ve already found it worthwhile. With this APP, I can view all editions of the 1001 Books and mark according to whether I’ve read it or want to read it. You can factor in your gender, age, and reading rate for a projected time when you would have read all 1001 books.

Oh, and for all you movie buffs out there, there’s a similar APP for the 1001 Movies, too!

APPeal – Goodreads

Goodreads | Mobile Apps – RESEARCH & LEARN | Morton Grove Public Library

Finally, I’m posting another APPeal review!

The Goodreads APP, like its website, allows users to keep track of what they’re reading and sharing book recommendations. This fantastic APP also has a built-in barcode scanner which makes life so much easier.

I can also keep up with my discussion groups on Goodreads. So, if I can’t get to a desktop, I can access this from my iPhone. It’s so cool!

APPeal – Ancestry

APPeal – Ancestry entry

This is my first APPeal review from Jorie’s Family Tree!

The Ancestry APP allows me to access my family trees that I’ve created on . Not only can I view relatives’ connections, I can also see people profiles.

The best yet is that I can view pictures attached to my family members. This is especially wonderful when I’m visiting with extended family. I can show them photos of Great Aunt Daisy through this simple APP.

I’ve installed this APP on my iPhone. It’s also available in the Google Play store. So, genealogists, try this one!

APPeal – Overdrive Media Console

OverDrive Media Console

This is my very first APPeal review!

The Overdrive Media Console APP (OMC) allows users to check out eBooks and more from their local libraries. Depending on the library, I can check out up to 10 items and upload them to my various devices. Living in the Greater Houston Area, I have access to 2 eLibrary systems. I’ve used both but I lean towards HCPL as it allows me to check out up to 10 items at a time.

My favorite thing is that I’m not fined as these items check themselves in after 2 weeks.

Currently, I use OMC on my iPhone and Nook Tablet. (OMC works on a variety of devices.) With these devices, I simply connect to WiFi, log into my library account, and download content.