Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin’s Three Cups of Tea…

Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace… One School at a Time by Greg Mortenson | LibraryThing

Mortenson, G., Relin, D. O., Lawlor, P. G., & Tantor Media. (2006). Three cups of tea: One man’s mission to fight terrorism and build nations … one school at a time. Old Saybrook: Tantor Media. 9781400122516

Reasons for Reading:  Three Cups of Tea took up residence on local summer reading lists a couple of years ago. What Greg Mortenson did fascinated me and I wanted more details. Initially, I checked out the audiobook but I finished with the HCPL Digital Media – eAudio.

Summary: Larger than life Greg Mortenson attempted to reach the summit of K2. Along the way, Mortenson became lost along the way, stumbling into a Pakistani village. The villagers took in Mortenson. Mortenson promised to thank the village by returning and building a school. Thus, Mortenson embarked on establishing a charitable institute for poor, local children.

What I Liked : I liked Mortenson’s devotion to his family and that he kept his word. I admired his wife, Tara, too. Also, this was a very noble act and many have reaped what Mortenson has sown.

What I Disliked : Somehow, this book seemed slow. Perhaps if the CDs I began with hadn’t been damaged, I would’ve felt differently. This story is related in the third person narrative and that seemed an odd choice.  Another issue I had were the accusations of fraud against Mortenson.  

Two and a Half Out of Five Pearls

Song: ‪Imagine – The Beatles – John Lennon – YouTube

Setting: Pakistan, Tanzania, Minnesota, San Francisco, Montana

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Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love: A novel

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers | LibraryThing

Rivers, F. (2005). Redeeming love: A novel. Sisters, Or: Multnomah. 9781590525135

A number of my friends enjoy Christian Fiction. This is a genre I haven’t explored deeply. When I heard that Redeeming Love paralleled the Old Testament book of Hosea, I placed a request on it through HCPL.

Set during the California Gold Rush of the 1840s – 1850s, Rivers writes the story of Angel (Gomer), a beautiful prostitute, who is saved from a bordello by Michael Hosea, an honest farmer. Angel suffered much as she was sold into the trade as an eight-year old girl and trusts no one, especially not men. However, Michael hears God tell him he is to marry Angel. While he doesn’t exactly want to marry a “soiled dove,” Michael does as instructed. Although Michael treats her with love and respect, Angel can’t resist the depravity of her “previous life.” Michael relentlessly brings Angel back to his farm.

I wouldn’t call this a replica of Hosea but Rivers weaves the Gold Rush into the plot quite well. Also, Rivers paints her version of Gomer with living color. Through Angel, Rivers explores God’s grace and unfailing love. I could also detect Rivers’ previous experience as a secular romance writer. I also appreciated the expression of God’s love. Rivers nor her characters were preachy or sanctimonious and I thank God for that. Love scenes were present but so discreet that I didn’t even notice the first one – definitely for the Christian reader. This may not have been my favorite book for stylistic reasons (repetitive in words and events) but I did like the message.

Three and a Half Out of Five Pearls

Song: YouTube – Third Day – Gomer’s Theme

Places : New England, New York City, California

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