Do Reading Logs Help or Hinder?

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The Atlantic | June 03, 2016

As a lifelong reader, I lean much on resources such as Goodreads to remind me of what books I’ve read and books I would like to read. Yet, reading this  article gave me pause. Readers, please weigh in – “Can Reading Logs Ruin Reading for Kids?”

Summer Reading Programs


It’s June, summer starts in a few weeks. Do you plan to read anything in particular? Summer Reading Programs (SRP) aren’t just for kids. Click on the image above to learn more about my local library’s upcoming SRP. The fun begins Monday, June 6!

“What Do You Like” Series?

0601 What Do You Like Series

As Jorie’s Reads is under renovation, for the next several weeks, this humble blog will be asking “What Do You Like?” This will begin with previous features of Jorie’s Reads. Then, the blog will ask about features which haven’t been presented on this blog.

After collecting feedback, Jorie’s Reads will consider the data and move forward with the blog. Keep an eye, things are to be learned!

Comment Catch Up – 3rd Edition

Van Gogh Starry Night Drawing | Wikimedia Commons | Public Domain Mark 1.0

Van Gogh Starry Night Drawing | Wikimedia Commons | Public Domain Mark 1.0

I present the 3rd Edition of a new-ish feature which offers me the chance to respond to some of my Stellar Visitors’ remarks.

Sunday, August 03 – Jorie’s 79th Edition of The Sunday Post

KimbaCaffeinated @ the Caffeinated Book Reviewer said “6 years..impressive. I am on and love it How cool you attended the lecture, I would have enjoyed that. Hope you have an amazing week!”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “1) I love the way your site looks and recommend it to others often. Maybe I’ll move to someday. 2) The lecture was great and I hope to provide the link to a video when it’s uploaded. 3) Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014 – Top Ten Books Jorie Would Give To Readers Who Have Never Read Mysteries

Anna @ herding cats & burning soup said “Oh I love Evanovic, Robb and Grafton. Such great series :)”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “I always look forward to reading Stephanie Plum’s description of her dearly departed Grandpa Mazur. I love Robb’s world building and Grafton’s Kinsey Milhone.”

Katherine @ I Wish I Lived in a Library said “Great list! I’ve read most of these and they’re all great. I’m pretty sure I’ve read Kay Hooper but it’s been a long time. I definitely need to revisit her! I also want to give Sandra Brown a try. Somehow I’ve never read anything by her.”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “1) I think King is underrated. While I prefer his less bloody prose, I think he’s got serious talent and I’m sure he would make an intriguing guest at the dinner table. 2) I haven’t read all of Shakespeare’s works but I’ve marveled each time I’ve studied and/or watched his plays.”

Joey via thoughts and afterthoughts said “I’m not one for many mysteries/thrillers as I get enough of those from watching it on television! I’m sure Evanovich novel is much better than the film adaptation though (now I’ll pretend I never saw it to wipe the memory away…)”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “I find I enjoy listening to mysteries on my way to work. As always, the books are better than the films! ;)”

Marissa @ Rae Gun Ramblings said “The Firm was one of the first “big books” I read. Ah the memories”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “The Firm was my first Grisham read in a decade (I read The Rainmaker when I was in college). It was scary to think that all these events were oh-so-plausible.”

Bethany DeLoof @ Books By Beth said “Love Evanovich, Grafton, and Connelly! I have a few Robb books that I haven’t picked up yet. Great list!”

Starry Night Elf’s Reply: “I love Evanovich’s dialogue, Grafton’s character studies, and Connelly’s breakdown of the law for laymen. Robb’s look into the future is amazing world building.”