Happy Birth Year, Mr. Defoe!


Daniel Defoe by immugmania.

Photo by immugmania

Daniel Defoe

This year marks the 350th anniversary of this prolific writer’s birthday.

Daniel Defoe produced some 560 books, pamphlets and journals before publishing Robinson Crusoe in 1719. The next five years saw the appearance of his most important works of fiction, which included Moll Flanders and Roxanna.

Nobody is sure on what day or even which month Defoe’s birthday falls.

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Happy 446th Birthday William Shakespeare!

Photo by UGArdener

The Bard’s actual b-day is debateable but he was baptized 26 April 1616.  However, as the story goes, Shakespeare was born on 23 April, which happens to be the day of Britain’s Patron Saint, St. George.