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The Freeman Bookstore shared another great link on Facebook. Read it by clicking here or on the image above. Now, I want to listen to the Mockingjays. How about you?


100 Most Notable Books of 2014 – NYTimes.com

Illustrations by Jon McNaught

Thanks, Freeman Bookstore, for sharing this article. This will be an upcoming subject in the Top Ten Tuesdays.  Visit NYTimes and please share what you think were the most notable books of 2014.

Books Before Movies!

The Freeman Bookstore shared on Facebook an article from Mashable about 16 stories making their way to the big screen. After reading the article, I still must read 14 of these! Click on the image above to access the article and see how many of these books make your TBR list.

Seeing the Story – Life of Pi

Life of Pi | Jorie’s Store @ Amazon

Lee, A. (Director), Sharma, S. (Performer), Khan, I., & Hussain, A. (2012). Life of pi [Theater].

Reasons for Watching: I read Yann Martel’s Life of Pi a few years ago. I originally listened to the audiobook via HCPL and bought a copy of a paperback copy from the Freeman Bookstore.

Summary : Born Piscine Molitar Patel in idyllic Pondicherry, India takes on the nickname of Pi in order to avoid being called “Pissing Patel.”  Pi is the precocious son of a zoo keeper and becomes a Hindu, Christian, and Muslim simultaneously. As tensions grow in 1977, the Patels decide to immigrate to Canada via a Japanese freight boat. When the freighter wrecks, Pi finds himself in the middle of the Pacific on a 26-foot lifeboat with a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a 450-pound Bengal tiger named Richard Parker, all fighting for survival.

Book to Movie Adaptation : In the book, a few passages are narrated by an “author.” Mostly, the story was told by Pi himself. Early on, director Ang Lee lets viewers listen along with the author as Pi relates his story. For the sake of time, many things were condensed. While still living in India, Pi is old enough in the movie to have a love interest in the movie. Also, Pi’s mother , Gita (played by Tabu) was much less religious in the book. As a number of differences are spoiler-laden, I’ll refer the curious readers to 9 Big Differences Between The Life Of Pi Movie And Book.

Review :

Four Out of Five Pearls