Got H-Town Reads?

I’m seeking books set in Houston, Texas. These books can be fiction or nonfiction. It doesn’t matter whether you loved or loathed the book. Please post title and author/editor in the comments section on this blog post! Thank you!

Mike Tolson, J.R. Gonzales, Steve Gonzales, and The Houston Chronicle’s Houston 175…

Houston 175: A pictorial celebration of Houston’s 175-year history by Mike Tolson | LibraryThing

Tolson, M., Gonzales, J. R., & Gonzales, S. (2011). Houston 175: A pictorial celebration of Houston’s 175-year history. Battle Ground, WA: Pediment Pub. 9781597253505

Reasons for Reading:  March 2, 2011 marked the 175th birthday of Texas. Also, my hometown celebrated its septaquintaquinquecentennial in 2011. Amid the big birthday fever, The Houston Chronicle published Houston 175: A pictorial celebration of Houston’s 175-year history. The newspaper advertised this book and I requested a copy from HCPL.

Summary: Mostly through pictures, Houston 175 relates the history of our fair city. This book boasts over 300 images from archives as well as the newspaper’s photographers and readership.

What I Liked : Houston 175 offers great images and some context to what life in H-Town is like today. When I can, I look forward to buying this book and letting my copy reside on my coffee table 🙂 . I especially liked the details on Hurricane Ike, the great storm overshadowed by stock market woes in 2008. Of course, I’m a bit biased since I’m a Houstonian.

What I Disliked : I wished for some more text. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words but just a little more explanation would’ve been awesome.

Three Out of Five Pearls

Song: Archie Bell & The Drells – Tighten Up

Setting: Houston!

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