October 2013 Reader of the Month – Emily M.

Emily M.

This is the twenty-second interview for Reader of the Month.

I’d worked at my current library a little while before I met Emily M. She had worked there prior to my employment. However, when she stopped to visit her old work buddies, I had the chance to meet her. Being a couple of book nerds, we were fast friends. It does my heart good to know she’s on her way to becoming a librarian by degree!

1.  What is the best thing you’ve read in the past year?  I really enjoyed Greg Gutfeld’s The Joy of Hate (the title is ironic, not literal).  I found his irreverent humor and quick wit refreshing.

2.  Do you have any quirks when it comes to reading?  Nothing I can think of…although, I do enjoy reading cookbooks as if they were stories – so maybe that’s kind of weird?
3.   What’s on your bookshelf or in your bookbag?  Right now I’m reading The Serpent and the Rainbow, by Wade Davis.  I had seen the movie years ago (I have a thing for Bill Pullman) but the book is quite different…a very “scientific” and anthropological approach to zombies and voodoo in the Haitian culture.
4.  Who supplies your reading materials?  I enjoy reading articles online.  For books, I order through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and I enjoy shopping at the 29 Palms Library Friends sale.  They always have great finds!
5.  What type of reading do you usually enjoy?  I gravitate toward history, biographies, political science, travel and classic lit.
6.  Who are some authors you read regardless of anything?  Toni Morrison, Neil Peart, Kahlil Gibran, & Mark Steyn.
7.  What’s on your TBR list?  Tender at the Bone, by Ruth Reichl; Homer’s Odyssey: a Fearless Feline Tale, by Gwen Cooper; and the new Vivien Leigh biography that came out this week (along with a bazillion other books).
8.  Can you recall a book that changed your life?  Song of Solomon, by Toni Morrison; Mao’s Last Dancer, by Li Cunxin; The Masked Rider, by Neil Peart; The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint Exupery; and Winnie the Pooh/House at Pooh Corner, by A.A. Milne have all had a significant impact on my life.
9.  What was something you enjoyed reading as a child?   Charlotte’s Web has always been my favorite.  I must have read it a dozen times as a kid.  I also loved Shel Silverstein poems (and still do…who doesn’t?), Lois Duncan, and the Nancy Drew series.
10.  Where do you like to read?  Mostly on the couch.
11.  Other than reading, what do you like doing?  I’m fortunate to live just outside of Joshua Tree National Park and love to go hiking there with my husband.  I also enjoy yoga, gardening, and baking when I have the time.
12.  Where can we find you online?  Facebook and, if you have a reference question on a weekday between 11am and 1pm (PST), you can find me on the Greenleaf Library web chat!
13.  Would you like to give a shout out to other avid readers online?  Well, I think most of my friends are avid readers…so I’ll just give a shout out to my FM friends.  Hello to you, Milagros, Candice, Janette, & Jim and all my other FM friends!  Miss y’all!
14.  What do you challenge people to read?  I didn’t always appreciate classic lit when I was assigned it in school. As an adult, I’ve found rediscovering it quite rewarding.  I avoided Tess of the D’Urbervilles for so long and, when I finally read it, I was intrigued.  Maybe life experience has helped put things in perspective.
15.  How about sharing five random facts about you?  I’m obsessed with all types of dance, dancers, the history of dance, etc. and I feel like I’m a pretty decent tap dancer.  I would love to have been a ballet dancer, though.  I can’t sit through an entire ballet without crying.  I also think it would be awesome to be a race car driver.  I don’t know much about cars, but I love to watch F1, American Le Mans, and my favorite is World Rally Championship.  My dad is a flagger for a lot of races in Southeast Texas – so maybe I inherited that passion from him.  Also, I’m an animal person and I especially love dogs, but live with pesky cats.  I think that’s five things.  Right?  I’m terrible at math!


March Reader of the Month – Janette L.

Janette L. kicks back with a few books

This is the third interview for Reader of the Month.

Four years ago, I applied for a reference librarian position in Clear Lake. Soon after, the branch librarian called me and set up an interview. After the interview, the assistant branch librarian gave me a tour. During this visit, she introduced me to Janette L.

When I started at Freeman, Janette and I became fast friends. Janette is the “Go-To Woman” on many things at the library. This includes all sorts of reading.

1. What’s the best thing you’ve read in the past year?

I would have to say it is a toss up between 3 online items that I read faithfully:

Volume 6 Bonus Wallpaper: Drama!

Girl Genius Online  – a webcomic of Romance, Adventure and Mad Science!  For Romance, Adventure and Mad Science!

Whatever – a blog by writer John Scalzi. For Whatever

Sciguy  – a science blog with Eric Berger. For weather, science stuff & Katy evac jokes

2. Do you have any quirks when it comes to reading?

I can get so absorbed in my reading that I would not hear someone next to me talking.  I discovered this in 3rdgrade when we had a free reading period. I remember looking up and realizing that we were now 15 minutes into the next lesson section.  I was able to switch out books undetected.  Because of this, I usually don’t read books during lunch at work.

3. What’s on your bookshelf or in your book bag?

There is a reason why I have a t-shirt with “Bibliovore” on it.  I admit to leanings towards science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, horror, nonfiction & technical manuals

4. Who supplies your reading material?

The majority comes from the Clear Lake City-County Freeman Library.  Other sources are the Friends of Freeman Bookstore, Half Price Books (in Clear Lake), and Amazon

5. What type of reading do you usually enjoy?

See #3 🙂

6. Who are some authors that you read regardless of anything?

Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffery (RIP), Sandra Boynton, and more.  Again see #3

7. What’s on your TBR (to be read) list?

Again see #3.  Due to how voraciously I ready, this can change daily.  I can consume several hundred pages in mere hours.


8. Can you recall a book that changed your life? How so?

I read a book on space exploration that had been written by Arthur C. Clarke in the 60’s.  I used it as a reference for a report that started “Beep…..beep…..beep…..” then went on to explain about Sputnik, what had followed and what the future could hold.

I then found that Clarke also wrote science FICTION, and went on to discover Asimov, Heinlein and haven’t stopped yet.

9. What was something you enjoyed reading as a child?

Andrew Lang’s Fairy books, these are collections of fairy tales.  Each book has a color in its name.  The Red Fairy Book is one example. There were about a dozen of them & had illustrations.

10. Where do you like to read?

Anywhere comfortable – I usually take a book for reading or puzzles to work when I go anywhere, just in case.

11. Other than reading, what do you like doing?

Fixing things

12. Where can we find you online?

See #1.  Elsewise, I am recently on Google+, if you want to follow me at ireadalota at gmail.com .  You could find me boring.  Be warned, my spam filters are set high, if I get unfamiliar email with odd subject lines.

13. Would you like to make a shout out to any other avid readers that are online?

14. How about sharing five random facts about you?

I have a BS in Mechanical Engineering. I once asked for a vise with anvil plate for Christmas and got one.  I own a 5ft ax with a 14 inch wide blade named “Sir”. 


I can fix many things using just my Leatherman.  I work in a Public Library as a Reference Assistant.