President’s Day 2014

Lincoln Memorial

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Happy President’s Day – A Memory

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My first memory of President’s Day reaches back to when I was a first grader. A couple of the Social Studies teachers at my elementary school told us about two great U.S. Presidents – George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We had cake, too. Since I don’t like cherries all that much, I got in the Lincoln line.

I can tell you why we celebrate President’s Day (with sales on mattresses, no less). We even have a President’s Day Challenge going on a library branch where I work. (By the way, we’re actually open on President’s Day.)

So, why am I blogging about President’s Day? Well, a few years after that Social Studies class, I purchased Ask Me Anything About the Presidents at our school’s book fair. I believe I drove my entire family nuts by reading aloud the questions from this book. Nonetheless, I’m guessing Social Studies and the book inspired me to read biographies of various POTUS’. The book set me on a journey which I believe brought me to book blogging. It stirred my curiosity and made me want to share my opinions on books.

So, this President’s Day, I celebrate an impetus. What book(s) inspired you to blog? To discuss? To share with your friends?