Kay Hooper’s Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novels

Several years ago, Kay Hooper’s book Amanda caught my eye. Hooper hooked me pretty quickly with Amanda — she had romance, mystery, suspense, Gothic, etc all in one book. From there, I kept on reading Hooper’s books when I was in high school.

During one of my college summers, I picked up another one of Hooper’s books. This time the book had all that good ol’ Amanda had plus characters with ESP! It’s like Heroes in all that these people can do the most extraordinary things. I know it wasn’t the first one but I had just read a Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novel. Earlier this year, I finished Blood Ties, Hooper’s twelfth novel in this serious and the conclusion of the Blood Trilogy. Hooper’s Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Novels are divided into trilogies – Shadows, Evil, Fear, and Blood. Who know what eerie trilogy is next in line?

Throughout the series, we have the adept Noah Bishop of the FBI. He has numerous psychic abilities and a vision the readers see him actualize. Bishop seeks out other psychics to form the Special Crimes Unit. Within this unit, Bishop has clairvoyants, mediums, telepaths, etc. They investigate some evil psychopaths – battling it out with their spidey senses.

When it’s not apropos for the government to touch certain issues, there’s the civilian Haven. Within the latest trilogy, the Haven operatives are introduced.

Until the Blood trilogy, these books didn’t necessitate reading in numerical order. The characters and events were mostly unrelated before this point. Nonetheless, it’s best to read them in order. In Blood Ties, Hooper provides not only a glossary of psychic abilities, she also has agent bios. Thank you! I was getting lost.

The whole series is great! Hooper brings back a few of the characters repeatedly – Bishop, Miranda Knight, and Hollis Templeton. Hollis is a survivor who’s been thrown into the psychic world and whose abilities seem to grow in both number and intensity.

Hollis is prominent in the Blood trilogy, especially Blood Ties. I thought the Blood trilogy was visceral and gratuitous. Also, I was frustrated by the cliffhanger in Blood Dreams and the dependency of these three books on one another. If it weren’t for the agent bios, I would’ve been completely in the dark.

Four and Half Out of Five Pearls (for the series)

Places: The United States

Word Bank: (as classified/defined by Bishop’s team)

‘Adept’ is the word used to label any functional psychic generally; the specific ability is much more specialized.

Clairvoyance: the ability to know things, to pick up bits of information, seemingly out of thin air.

Dream-projecting: the ability to enter another’s dreams.

Dream-walking: the ability to invite/draw others into your own dreams.

Empathy: experiencing the emotions of others. An Empath.

Healing Empathy: the ability to not only feel but also heal the pain/injury of another. An Empath.

Mediumistic: the ability to communicate with the dead. A Medium.

Precognition: the ability to correctly predict future events. A Seer.

Psychometric: the ability to pick up impressions from objects.

Regenerative: the ability to heal one’s own injuries/sicknesses.

Telekinesis: the ability to move objects with the mind.

Telepathic mind control: the ability to influence/control others through mental focus and effort. Extremely rare ability.

Telepathy (touch and non-touch or open): the ability to pick up thoughts from others. A Telepath.

The ability to see into time (unnamed).

The ability to see the Aura of another person’s energy field.

The ability to Channel Energy usefully as a defensive/offensive tool/weapon.

And the ‘Spider-Sense’ is the ability to enhance one’s normal senses (sight, hearing, smell) through concentration and the focusing of one’s own mental and physical energy.

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